Three Rivers Sports Complex

The Campaign

"Fielding Dreams: One Game at a Time" through efforts of families, fans, and community advocates with the Three Rivers Area Community Foundation, a new complex will be built within 3-5 years.


To alleviate chaos between games and draw people to the area for a financial impact to the community; to demonstrate an  

             investment in youth.

A complex made for them ...

Moving from school sports fields and parking lots to a complex designed for each sport.


Your help is needed. Three Rivers Area Community Foundation is launching a capital campaign, "Fielding Dreams: One Game at A Time." Our immediate challenge goal is set at...

Our vision is quality facilities for the youth sports programs in the area with additional use by all other players in the area.  

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Board members of TR Little League, TR Rocket Football, & American Youth Soccer Organization 1197 have partnered with the Three Rivers Area Community Foundation...


Our Vision